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  • 133th Canton Fair Hardware Show Metal Mesh Display

    3Years Pandemic Covid-19 really gone,it will be better if it say goodbye forever. 133th Canton Fair Helded  on time and In time in Guangzhou China. 3 years Slience , and affect by the Virus.Economic attacked seriouly . Not only China but also whole the world need to Reback and try full best to de...
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  • Steelmaking get more greener

    From 2020-2023 Steelmaking has to get greener.Dates assigned toevcironmental targets often seems reassuringlyor complacently-distant. Most countries request and work hard to achieve emissions of greenhouse gases will be zero.Especially for steelmaking,which should be near zero .Steemakers and gov...
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  • Wiremesh introduce

    Dear Valued Customers. How are you ?we hope you are well.We are thrilled to introduce our latest product-wire mesh .our wire mesh is made of high-quality materials and designed to provide excellent durability and strength for your applications. our wire mesh is perfect for a variety of industries...
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  • Covid will coming to and end

    After looking at all the data,the trend and the fact that the winter surge is nearing the end. In order to give pople a very clear message that HONG KONG is resuming normalcy,I think this is the right time to make the decision. After more than two and al half years,people need not cover their fac...
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  • News Talk

    News Talk

    Numerous downside risks continure to weigh on the global outlook Glabol inflation is set to fall from 8.8% in 2022 (annual averate )to about 6.6% in 2023 and about 4.3% in 2024 ,still above pre-pandemic levels of the 3.5%.Luckily is now the Pandemic seems came to an end....
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    2019-10-16 Upgrade again Our factory improvement our production Line. It is good for Environment and Increase output and save labors. Mostly will make more Bright and soft ,better quality galvanized wire , Because we introduced new equipment ,So Our Workers go to study new Technology for one Mont...
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  • canton fair

    canton fair

    2022-09-21 2020-2021-2022 3 consecutive Canton Fair was helded online. 2022 Autumn Canton fair will also helded  online. So there will be more limitations. Expect the face to face meeting with all our customers! 2018-10-30 From 2012 Our company attend Canton Fair. 2018-10-15 From 2012 Year we sta...
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  • office


    2018-10-30 2017 Year office and 2018 Harvest Year for our company On 2018, We Have our own trading Office ,After Shareholder of factory discussing for one week then we decide to set up our professional trading team so that we can provide better service for our Customers.If We have professional ex...
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