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  • Update Mid Autumn Festival come

    Update Mid Autumn Festival come

    Mid Autumn Festival come How does the Mid-Autumn Festival Story of chang’e end? Was the Chinese Moon Goddess selfish or selfless? The tale of Chan’e ascent to the moon is one long associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival,but there are many versions of this Chinese Lengend.Here are two...
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  • promotion


    2019-10-16 Upgrade again Our factory improvement our production Line. It is good for Environment and Increase output and save labors. Mostly will make more Bright and soft ,better quality galvanized wire , Because we introduced new equipment ,So Our Workers go to study new Technology for one Mont...
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  • canton fair

    canton fair

    2022-09-21 2020-2021-2022 3 consecutive Canton Fair was helded online. 2022 Autumn Canton fair will also helded  online. So there will be more limitations. Expect the face to face meeting with all our customers! 2018-10-30 From 2012 Our company attend Canton Fair. 2018-10-15 From 2012 Year we sta...
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  • office


    2018-10-30 2017 Year office and 2018 Harvest Year for our company On 2018, We Have our own trading Office ,After Shareholder of factory discussing for one week then we decide to set up our professional trading team so that we can provide better service for our Customers.If We have professional ex...
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